I like to think that technology is a tool to improve people's life and the majority of my work it's been focused on developing products, services and experiences to honor this cause. Throughout my career I've been mixing design and technology to contribute to close the information gap, for those who still don't have access to goods and services, specially in developing countries. Nowadays my work focuses on three different directions:
1. I'm developing MineSafe: A research effort for people in land-mine affected areas of the world, to help de-mining teams with their daily activities through information systems that capture doubts.
2. I'm working in a multidisciplinary team to develop Solar System Explorer: A multi-user, collocated, collaborative Mixed Reality experience to help kids and other populations often marginalized from Head Worn Device's experiences to integrate with Virtual Environments. 
3. I'm studying reactions videos and stakeholders involved in this form of content to better understand how this communication tool affects social dynamics in its audience.
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