Hi, I'm Carlos Bautista!

Interactive Engineer, Creative Coder and aspiring Data Scientist

Sonyc Combines sensors, big data, and machine learning to understand, model and influence NYC's acoustic environment.
Role: Researcher - Data Analysis and Visualization/Citizen Science
Augmented Antipersonnel Mines
Augmented Anti-personnel mines is a set of mobile applications for both de-miners and civilian population to avoid or deactivateAnti-Personnel Mines.
Role: Augmented Reality developer, Concept creator
TRB Crossfit (Bogotá)
trbcrossfit.com is a responsive website to provide services and information related to tropa CrossFit Bogotá
Role: Information Architecture, Art Direction, Web Design, Web Developing
Penelope is an Interactive Installation created and developed by Anne Laure Fayard and Aillen Wilson with the technical development of Carlos Bautista, to represent the endless iteration process of creative development.
Role: 3D modeler and animator, Physical Computing developer
Interior Design & Architectural Visualization
By creating vibrating spaces through 3D visualization, several construction companies were able to give a sense of their concepts to their clients.
Role: Designer, Art Director, 3D Computer Graphics artist
Through (UX) user experience research and (UI) user interface developing, the ability to generate digital interfaces to communicate concepts has refined to provide the better user experience.
Role: Interaction Designer, Motion Graphics specialist, UI/UX Developer
Majority of children with Down syndrome are educated in a regular classroom environment. Inspired by this account of peer-education, our interdisciplinary team sought to create a product that would facilitate the process of communication and mutual understanding between children with Down syndrome and their classmates.
Role: HCD Interaction Designer, Game Designer
Team mates: Scott Sugimoto - UCLA Joe Bruzek - Virgina Tech Vanessa Chun - USC, Amelia Fong - Washington University in St. Louis
Doria's World
Doria's world is an Autostereoscopic 3D experience to give customers an immersive experience into the pastas' Doria world.
Role: Designer, Art Director, Computer Graphics artist, Autostereoscopic developer
En Tránsito
En Transito is a short Film created for the Colombian Government to prevent child and youth population to join the armed groups.
Role: Film Co-Director, Visual Effects supervisor
Beo Shoes
Comes from the Latin Beo Aliquen Caelo: Deify someone grant heaven, immortality. Beo is a signature shoe design focused on giving its customers a unique and tailored experience, allowing them a high level of customization and giving quality materials. I was the CEO and co-founder of the company founded in Bogotá-Colombia in 2007
Role: Co-founder, Design Director
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