MineSafe: Claudio Silva - Carlos Bautista NYU Computer Science and Engineering Department

MineSafe selected as Semifinalist in Gifted Citizen 2018 Puebla-Mexico
Gifted Citizen seeks to benefit humanity by freeing up creative potential and promoting innovation, through incentivizing social entrepreneurship projects that can have an impact on 10 million people over the next six years.
TED Residency awarded on Spring 2017

Selected to be part of the TED Residency spring 2017

AR-APM Wins third prize on New York City Media Lab Summit 2015

Augmented Anti-personnel mines won the Third Prize at the NYC Media Lab (2015) 

AR-APM was accepted to the Bushwick film festival as part of the official selection for New Media

Augmented Antipersonnel Mines in the Bushwick Festival (official selection for new media category)

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