The title of this piece evokes Homer’s Odyssey where Penelope’s faithful wait for her husband Odysseus who eventually comes back after 20 years. During that time, Penelope kept her suitors at bay with various tricks. One that has become associated with Penelope is her incessant weaving and unweaving: she told her suitors that she would not be able to marry anyone else before she was done weaving a shroud for her father in low and every night, she undid part of the shroud. Penelope has become a figure of endless, yet meaningful, work, engaged in her interminable weaving.

Penelope is an Interactive Installation created and developed by Anne Laure Fayard and Aillen Wilson with the technical development of Carlos Bautista, to represent the endless iteration process of creative development.
General view of the loop
3D Animation of paper being shredded
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