Majority of children with Down syndrome are educated in a regular classroom environment. Inspired by this account of peer-education, our interdisciplinary team sought to create a product that would facilitate the process of communication and mutual understanding between children with Down syndrome and their classmates.

Hats! is a role-playing game for children from 5-12 years old to encourage empathy in the classroom.
Each child is assigned the role of a 'traditional' character and assigned a group-task. A fun game for all that challenges the imagination, Hats! brings together 'traditional' characters in unconventional situations such as: "How would a policeman, wizard, and construction worker build a garden together?" In order to accomplish the task, the participants must understand what his/her character can contribute and relate to the other characters. By making specific occupation-relation characters and tasks, Hats! can also be adapted to teach children with Down syndrome about potential vocational occupations. 
 Team mates: Scott Sugimoto, UCLA Joe Bruzek, Virgina Tech Vanessa Chun, USC, Amelia Fong, Washington University in St. Louis.

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